Stories from the Edge is a newsletter and website sharing light hearted posts sent out from a smoky bothy in the wilds of Scotland.

I don’t have any sort of master plan to this.

It's really just something to pass the time until the cows come home.

Some of these posts will be based on real events.

Others, imaginary.

My aim is to find some humour in the ordinary and write it down.

I do hope you enjoy them and if you do then please subscribe.

It helps to know there's someone else out there.

I won’t start sending things to you all the time.

Just when I’ve got a new post to share.

Not more than once a month.

Sometimes a lot less than that.

Until then,

All the very best, E

Stories from the Edge
Hamish had laid an egg. I had no idea that a male tortoise could do such a thing. But, there is it was, off-white in shade, shaped and sized like a bird’s egg, perhaps a pigeon’s. Hamish was eyeing his production suspiciously. His beak was open, as if he was going to say something along the lines of…
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Stories from the Edge
This week I have been thinking about … VOLCANOS Unusually for me, I ventured out of the country for a few days for a change of climate. I visited an island that’s edged by a series of dramatic volcanoes but thankfully none of them were switched on at the time…
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house covered with snow
Summertime is here again!

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Light hearted posts from the wilds of Scotland


Light hearted weekly posts from the wilds of Scotland